Track down dirty queries
Track down
dirty queries
Catch problems before they happen
Catch problems
before they happen
Make the best use of your SQL Server
Make the best use
of your SQL Server


  • Bill Ramos Director of Technical Product Management

    I started my database career in 1982 with the US Coast Guard by creating one of the first vessel tracking systems using the Pick operating system and later with dBASE II on CP/M.

    In 1987, I landed at Ashton-Tate and eventually Borland as a developer working on the dBASE product line. At that time, I got my first exposure to the Microsoft, Ashton-Tate, Sybase SQL Server running on OS/2 where I wrote compatibility and performance test suites for the platform.

    In 1995, I joined Microsoft as a program manager in Visual Studio working on database design tools for SQL Server and Oracle. I spent several years in Microsoft Office working integrating SharePoint and SQL Server with Access as part of the XP release. I then had the privilege of being a lead program manager for Excel, Access, and VBA for the Office 2003 release.

    At the tail end of 2003, I had a chance to work with another great team in developing the manageability and performance troubleshooting tools for SQL Server Management Studio across the SQL Server 2005, 2008, and SQL Server 2008 R2 releases. I want to think I was part of the team that made SQL Server for the masses.

    Now, as a Chief Technology Storyteller at DB Best, it’s my job to define the services that DB Best provides to its customers. More importantly, tell the customer success stories in blog posts, webinars, and training events to help people better understand the latest technologies and how they can move forward with their digital transformation efforts. I also work on customer projects as a solution architect.

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How can you identify underutilized SQL Server instances? Which performance counters are immediately available out of the box? How can Power BI help visualize your data?

Even if you feel highly satisfied solving performance problems, there always is an alternative way of preventing issues.

Watch the video recording of the webinar below to discover this way.

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