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  • Data context webinar speaker
    Ilya Milman Principal Solutions Consultant

    First off, Ilya is a tech person. Starting from software development and solutions architecture, he later moved closer to our webinar’s topic — data. And this is where he shined like a diamond. From fashion designers in London to software developers in Shanghai, Ilya has spread the idea of data literacy across the globe, the more you know.

    Surely, being a data evangelist means visiting Silicon Valley. And indeed, Ilya was a prominent speaker across the US, sharing data practices with diverse audiences — from software architects to project managers. Speaking of his own regalia, he was responsible for software architecture at Walmart and BI engineering at Amazon. What’s more, Ilya is an expert on AWS and everything related to MySQL, also powered by R and Tableau skills to wield data like a lightsaber.

    At DB Best, Ilya perfects the key company areas — migrations to the cloud, BI, and complex database modernizations. For what he achieved, Ilya is an expert in data management who helps our clients build processes when large amounts of data are involved.

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