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  • Peter Skjøtt Larsen DB Best Architect
    Peter Skjøtt Larsen Senior Director & Principal Architect

    Peter grew up in Denmark, son of a farmer turned newspaper editor, and a banking adviser. Before emigrating to America, he worked on software user interfaces and databases for applications in CAD, Workflow modeling and Stockbroker terminals.

    Later in the US, he worked on document management, telecom, monitoring and mediation software at Marconi and, and a few years at Microsoft making solutions for TechNet, Visual Studio and a fun stint at Microsoft Research.

    At DB Best, Peter heads up the Platform Migration practice which helps customers migrate from one software platform to another, including the Azure, AWS and GCP clouds. This work is full of customer conversations, to uncover the details and pitfalls of legacy IT systems, in order to plan a path forward. With over 200 project engagements every year, DB Best sees all sorts of different systems, many for the first time. The job is often more about ramping up on something new, than walking down a well-worn path.

    Peter lives with his wife on a little horse farm outside Seattle.

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    13 · 08 · 2020 18:00 (EEST) 8:00 AM (PDT)
    The Customer Architecture Conversation
    • Discovering the original customer architecture in detail
    • Deep understanding of all connections and interactions
    • Using this initial architecture as a baseline for the change
    • Incorporating changes into the actual customer environment
    • Making sure that these changes fit the customer’s world view
    • Best practices of designing a prominent cloud architecture
    • Using different approaches to small customers and mature enterprises
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  • Learn how customers do their business in order to help them move forward.

    Peter Skjøtt Larsen, Principal Architect at DB Best
  • Cloud is about how you do computing, not where you do computing.

    Paul Maritz, CEO of VMware
  • Adopting cloud technologies to help customers modernize their systems is the mission for DB Best.

    Dmitry Balin, Managing Partner at DB Best
  • We’re not stopping at the cloud. We’re taking the cloud to the edge.

    Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft
    Future-state architecture
    Cloud architecture
    IT environment
    Cloud economics
    Google Cloud

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    In which projects did Peter take part?

    As a prominent cloud solutions architect, Peter Skjøtt Larsen worked with multiple world-class customers and partners. Most of these projects are under NDA. However, some of the most significant projects, Peter described in his blog posts: